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Treasury Services

Since 2009 Bondsmith has been working with some of the UK's largest depositors as treasury advisors and have helped to place over £18bn. We are able to source and introduce depositors to quality banks where the product and rate offers a complimentary and enhanced addition to existing arrangements. In most case this is an addition of a new counterparty within investment criteria and include ensuring that products and rates being achieved with existing counterparties is competitive and in line with the wider market.

Cash has been relatively unrewarding in the last decade, but in today's rate environment, there is a renewed focus from Depositors to maximise the returns possible. Banks are continually becoming more competitive and are offering a wider range of flexible solutions to larger depositors as they seek stable and reliable sources of funding.
Who benefits?


Connect your tools, connect your teams. With over 100 apps already available in our directory, your team’s favourite tools are just a click away.
Market Leading, Deposit expertise
Most established Deposit Broker in the UK
Our clients hold direct relationships with the Banks that we introduce
We do not hold client money
Wide knowledge of products and rates available across UK And International Banks
30+ Deposit taking Banks on our panel
Fees paid by the Bank or on a success only basis
Complimentary to our clients existing deposit strategy
We work with and are a trusted partners of many of the UK's largest depositors
Who benefits?


Connect your tools, connect your teams. With over 100 apps already available in our directory, your team’s favourite tools are just a click away.
Quick access to many the UK’s biggest depositors
Seamless introductions to direct relationships
Low-cost new deposit acquisition and client retention
Product and pricing expertise where required.
Market assessments
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What do we offer?


Since 2009, Bondsmith has assisted our clients in placing in excess of £18 billion of deposits.

Our Brokerage service allows us to review our clients existing deposit arrangements including existing counterparties, products and rates being achieved and the Investment Policy/Risk criteria being maintained. Our role is then straightforward:
Review and ongoing advice of existing arrangements
Recommend new counterparties within investment criteria
Provision of supporting information for approval of new counterparties
Assistance with ‘onboarding’ to new counterparty
Ongoing negotiation of rates and products across all relationships.
Charging is based on the deposits placed via an introduction from Bondsmith and is paid for by either the Institution receiving the deposits or our clients.

If all we do is provide you with an independent endorsement that you are doing as much as you can in such a challenging market or give you a recommendation to challenge an existing arrangement, then our service is at no charge and we are happy to have met and spoken to another Depositor.
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Treasury Consultancy

Many Depositors wish to maintain a robust risk and reporting standard whilst ensuring that they achieve a market leading diversified return. The reality is that the market can be inconsistent, and it is incredibly time consuming to assess the quality of a new counterparty who may be offering a better rate or to find that institution in the first place. Together with the Regulatory and Corporate Governance reporting required to maintain a large cash portfolio it is important to ensure that the best possible return is being achieved.
Using all of our market knowledge and operational expertise, Bondsmith offers a complete, low and flexible cost Consultancy service that covers all or a select number of the following depending on our clients’ needs:
Bank relationship
New and Existing
Best in market based on defined and agreed Investment Criteria
Audit log and data history
Monitoring and Alerts to credit quality deterioration or improvement
Backup your account
Monthly Cash Consultancy Report of all holdings including Risk Review (quarterly if preferred) of Existing, and ‘Watchlist’ Institutions. Regular Financial results review of all counterparty Banks.
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Our Testimonials

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.
“Bondsmith have got an incredible market knowledge, and to be able to utilise that knowledge at a cost-effective price is fantastic for our business.”
Head of Risk
Quilter Cheviot
“Bondsmith are professional, experienced and a central element in our deposit strategy.”
Head of Treasury
Platform Securities
“Bondsmith have generated in excess of £1bn of new deposits giving us a quick and reliable source of new funding growth.”
Director of New Business
Division of UK Clearing Bank
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