After 15 years of low interest rates, savers can finally earn meaningful returns on cash.

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Cash is once again earning its place in the asset allocation decisions of customers and not simply acting as a drag on returns.

Bondsmith is an FCA regulated financial technology company that empowers our clients to make the most of their cash by delivering innovate savings solutions. Whether you’re a Fintech, wealth manager, investment platform, private bank, IFA or pensions administrator, Bondsmith can help you provide better solutions for cash. From embedded and integrated solutions to standalone white-labelled platforms, Bondsmith can help you curate your own savings solution and unlock the earning potential of your clients’ cash, whilst improving retention, acquisition and providing additional revenue streams.
Who is it for?

Offer your clients cash savings with competitive interest rates from FSCS-protected banks.

Wealth manager / Investment Platform

  • Improve retention across all client segments.
  • Increase wallet share from existing clients and boost AUA in all market conditions.
  • Acquire new clients at a lower cost, diluting overall CPA.
  • Market leading deposit expertise

Advisor / IFA

  • Single platform to access multiple banks and savings products.
  • Deepen relationships with existing clients by bringing held away cash under your purview.
  • Attract new clients and level playing field with private banks.
  • Help clients place large deposits across multiple banks and retain maximum FSCS protection.


  • Offer savings products as part of your app.
  • Help your customers make the most of their savings.
  • Offer a single savings product or a marketplace.


  • Full savings marketplace.
  • Curated marketplace.
  • Single savings account / savings pot.
How it works?
For deposit takers

Partner banks

Bondsmith provides a plug-in solution to access a vast deposit distribution network with a wide range of retail client segments. Our goal is to provide a simple way to enter new markets and access new cohorts of customers.

Diversifying your distribution capabilities via Bondsmith will help reduce funding costs, acquire stable and long-term retail funding and improve operational resilience.
Integration iconIntegration iconIntegration iconIntegration iconIntegration icon
Lower your cost of funding and increase operational resilience with access to a new distribution network.
Control levels of liquidity, rates and minimum/maximum client thresholds.
Distribute to Personal, SME, Charity, Trust, and Pension clients.
Simple onboarding process and low ongoing operational overheads.
Zero IT integration required.
Customer onboarding / servicing / AML / KYC all handled by Bondsmith
Access to vast distribution network with diverse client base – HNW, wealth & advisory, whitelabel partnerships.
Access clients not available via other channels.
Simple digital interface and best-in-class MI.
Improve your LCR & NSFR ratios with retail funding.
No limits on products or volumes
No minimum participation
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Bondsmith is a trading name of Bondsmith Savings Ltd. Bondsmith Savings Ltd is registered in England and Wales, No 13223331. Registered office: 124-128 City Road, London, EC1V 2NJ. Bondsmith is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, Firm Reference 955601, for the issuing of electronic money.