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Lombard lending

A Lombard loan is a lending facility secured against an investment portfolio. With listed and liquid securities, the loan can be issued extremely quickly – often on the same day. This efficient process and secure collateral leads to extremely competitive rates.

Lombard lending facilities can come in many forms:
fixed term loans, revolving credit facilities or even as an overdraft.
This product is highly attractive for all parties involved – borrowers, lenders and advisors.


  • Additional credit source
  • Quick and simple process
  • No need to divest portfolio
  • Competitive rates


  • Strong credit performance
  • Highly capital efficient
  • Easily realisable collateral
  • Large and growing market


  • Additional client proposition
  • Retain investment assets
  • Win new clients with levered portfolios
  • Defend existing AuM from disinvestment
What do we offer?

Bondsmith - Lombard lending solution suite

Bondsmith has developed a suite of tools to deliver Lombard lending to clients of financial advisors and banks who can finance the loans. These tools include


  • Automated, paperless application process
  • Electronic documentation
  • Advisor and borrower friendly dashboard


  • Lender dashboard
  • Application management queues and prioritisation
  • KYC and AML checks
  • Integrated compliance controls (including CCA and MCD)
  • Customisable auto-decisions, lender credit policy and appetite

Document management

  • Integrated T&C’s, key information documents
  • Borrower declarations and signatures
  • KYC and AML - Document storage

Capital reporting

  • Sophisticated capital assessment methodology ensuring most efficient risk-weightings
  • Capital assessed on per asset, portfolio and counterparty basis
  • Regulator friendly outputs

Loan monitoring

  • Integrated market data feeds
  • Daily collateral monitoring and assessment
  • Lender/advisor dashboards for ongoing monitoring
  • Customisable credit policy

Loan servicing

  • Daily loan monitoring and management
  • Annual loan reviews
  • Collections and recoveries, including margin call processing
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